Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Taking things for granted

When you stop reading this and inevitably turn your attention to something else you will leave my Parkinson’s behind, allowing it to recede into the background. Parkinson’s has a strong but limited physical sphere of influence within the body of a sufferer and as such there is a clear boundary beyond which it has no influence (i.e. it cannot “infect” non-sufferers). This means when you go my Parkinson’s remains with me; there is no edge to the disease for those suffering from it. Even when I stop thinking about my disease, it remains in the symptoms I feel; for example, in my tiredness and depression. Parkinson’s is part of me and of course I accompany myself wherever I go! This is the chronic nature of Parkinson’s.

Of course there may be no emotional edge to the empathy felt for a sufferer and I am very grateful for this support. But I am also pleased you, as a non-sufferer, can physically leave my Parkinson’s behind; you have that freedom and choice. I beg you don’t take that freedom for granted. Live up to its immense value. Try your best and enjoy what you are capable of doing. Don’t waste the potential your freedom of movement gives you. I took movement for granted before my Parkinson’s emerged. If the genetic shuffling of the cards was slightly different you might have ended up in my position.

I may be in the process of losing control of my body but this has taught me the value of my mind and the wonder of having a thought. What a marvellous thing to do! I am trying to live up to the value of thinking by continuing to learn and encouraging understanding in others.


  1. When I leave your blog, I take my own PD with me. Just wanted you to know that a fellow PWP is a reader and appreciates everything you write.


    1. Thank you. My empathy for you is boundless. Thank you for your comments, I appreciate your thoughts!

  2. CJ Christopher9 June 2013 at 20:58

    Terrific message and I couldn't agree more! Parkinson's teaches me new lessons in gratitude on a daily basis.