Wednesday, 25 December 2013

The richest person in the world

Material wealth is immaterial to the true value of the state of your existence. In a world devoid of internal justice the worth you place on yourself is not determined by how much of the world you own nor is it the power you have over other people. These are fabricated social constructs; diamonds are just another form of carbon, gold is just another metal, political power is illusionary, heaven is just a noble lie to protect the lie of a just world.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) 57 million people died in 2008. Assuming that figure is typical, it means that today around 160,000 people will die worldwide. The certainty of our own death one day means that we only ever lease our material wealth.

Therefore, what do we truly lose when we die? We lose the ability to do one more thing. No matter if the next thing you do is to buy a diamond ring or buy an onion ring what is valuable is the act of doing. So, when you are opening your gifts today appreciate the contents of the gift and the loving thought behind it; also appreciate the ability to open a gift. Don't take that for granted. Treasure the gift of doing one more thing! It makes you the richest person in the world!

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