Thursday, 12 December 2013

“Jonny in the blind...”

Based on the movie "Gravity"

The majestic earth was spinning on its axis beside me; the sun reflected off the polar ice caps and a storm swirled over the Atlantic ocean. I was in orbit trying to finish work on my doctoral thesis satellite; I was ready to push the satellite into the intellectual firmament when a warning came on the radio. It said, "you might have Parkinson's disease". I scrambled to get back to the life I had known but it was impossible. Then it came, the debris from a Parkinson's diagnosis; it slammed into and destroyed the shuttle that would have taken me back to my former life. I was sent spinning off into space. I felt disorientated, confused and desperately lost; “this is Jonny in the blind, do you copy…?”

The support I received from my family and friends and my doctors give me a jet pack with enough fuel to get to the nearest space station. Once I got there I readied the escape module but another wave of debris hit as my symptoms worsened, damaging the module. There was no other choice but to use the module, I had to reach the next treatment space station and I just made it. Here I am, waiting for the next wave of Parkinson's debris to hit, longing for something to get me back to earth...

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