Friday, 20 December 2013

Hold on tight to our Shiny Red Balloon


We all tightly grasp,
The string we attach,
To our shiny red balloon

The red skin is stretched,
Over dark flesh and bone,
We are that red balloon

We mustn't let go,
Before we can know,
Whether we will go pop

We keep ourselves close,
For fear of that stop,
But instead we must let go

It is only then,
Can we possibly know,
Of new fields we can sow


It is with Parkinson's lead,
That we float to the floor,

But we must trust,
We are more than our rust,

We can only be free,
If we float in the air,

So enjoy the view,
From high in the sky,


Control melts like purest snow,
When we grasp it so

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