Sunday, 22 December 2013

Fragile suspension

After years of driving on rough ground with three heavy passengers riding in the backseat (stammering, depression and Parkinson's) my suspension has started to wear out. Whenever I am in a pressurised situation my problems put on weight and become prominent, causing the weakened suspension to buckle; therefore making the journey more uncomfortable and the car likely to break down.

Recently my speech and depression has suffered with the burden of worsening Parkinson's symptoms. Why does Parkinsons have to attack such a weak spot as my stammer and depression?

I have spent quite a bit of time in the cognitive behavioural therapy garage getting my suspension repaired. I’ve been using the tools I’ve learnt to carry out the repair; the idea of thrownness (I am blameless for my problems but I can do something about them by reacting to them); my future is unwritten; I’m savouring the slice of cake I have (stop asking for the rest of the cake, you have got the whole cake!).

I am sat in the garage taking a break from the repairs, drinking powdery hot chocolate from the drinks machine they always have in the reception. I look towards my body on the car ramp and I think, “We’ve been through a lot together! Hang on in there and I’ll try to repair you to get you going again!”

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