Friday, 13 December 2013

Unlocking doors

Coping with life is trying to unlock and lock the doors around you. We find ourselves in a world full of choices and there are many doors we can open and close. Each door leads to a room we can inhabit and each room contains doors that lead on to other rooms.

No matter what type of room you find yourself in there's always at least one door waiting for you to unlock and walk through. You also have a choice to lock the door behind you either emotionally or within your memory; indeed you have a choice to keep it open. However, you can never go back to the same room; the context always changes since you were there last. Where do we get the keys to unlock these doors? We are thrown into the world with a specific set of keys but we can learn to adapt and mould keys to fit other locks.

We tend not to notice the doors in the rooms we inhabit, we are creatures of habit and tend to stay emotionally where we are or follow the route we have used before. This is understandable given the multitude of doors available and the incessant choices there are to make. It is this bewildering openness, which can close you down, that makes life so complicated. But this openness gives you the opportunity, when doors are locked due to disease or circumstance, to find alternative routes to live your life.

Now, go and open some doors!

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