Saturday, 14 December 2013

Walking through open doors

Coping means approaching, confronting and moving through the open doors of a disease.

It is very difficult to see beyond the room you occupy with your disease. It can confine you and define what you can do and who you are. It can appear you have no options, nowhere to go and nothing to do except remain where you are.

However, there is always something left to do in this life; there is always at least one door in the room you are in.

If you ignore the door or hesitate on the approach you will be in denial and remain in the dark of the disease. Learning to accept the disease but seeing it as your only possibility means you stop in the doorway without going through. However, accepting it as part of you but not the whole of you means switching on the light in the next room, seeing space in there for you and then moving through the open door.

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