Wednesday, 19 June 2013

An example of Parkinson’s logic

Try to get your head round this one: the goal of coping with Parkinson’s is to promote the lack of deterioration of my symptoms. I am in a situation where lacking is a gain; staying where I am is as good as moving; improving is redefined as keeping what I have; positive is merely lacking a negative and nothing more.

This is the illogic of Parkinson’s…and it is starting to make logical sense to me. Imagine a glass half full of water and by doing, for example, exercise I add water to the glass. Under normal circumstances the volume of water would gradually increase. However, Parkinson’s has a straw and is sucking out the water; therefore to maintain the same level of water requires the same effort that would normally increase the amount. But within Parkinson’s increase means trying to replace what has already gone.

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  1. It's a different logic, but it's true for us!