Tuesday, 16 April 2013

"Good evening Mr Hobble-along..."

Someone on a bike has just said these "profound" words to me as we passed each other on the street. I ignored him; what is he and his observational skills (he noticed my symptoms, give him a Nobel prize!) to me? Nothing; just another person who happens to be in the world.

Then it got me thinking. Why did the person on the bike behave like that? I think he was trying to boast his own fragile ego by bringing others down. Such behaviour reveals how uncomfortable he is in his own skin; why else attempt to put scaffolding around your ego if it was robust and strong? He exposes his weakness by saying such things. Why can't he boast his ego by helping others? It is sad that it takes less effort to be nasty; being kind requires considered effort to move aside your selfish needs and let empathy take over; apparently it is beyond some people. Who is the one truly hobbling along?


  1. Brilliantly put, Jonny. I would have commented about what an idiot the guy is, but I can't really add anything to what you said. More fool him.

  2. Perhaps he hasn't been shown much kindness in his own life. I prefer to believe that most people aren't bad by nature but because they've been set a bad example. It's harder to feel angry with someone if you consider it this way. I actually feel quite sorry for him. What a sad life if he feels the need to treat others in the way that he treated you to make himself feel better.