Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Why I stammer

An important part of being in the world is we react to things; other people, objects, even our own thoughts, emotions and memories. A reaction always involves thought and often elicits an emotional response that diverts you from the course of action you were on.

When I’m talking or about to talk I react to the perceived importance of what I am about to say and to whom I’m saying it with fear and negative memories and I try not to stammer. Of course by getting in the way of myself like this, I stammer. Fear of not being understood makes me think I have to get my speech right first time and therefore I pressurise my underlying susceptibility to blocks; thus, turning my previously fluid speech into fearful treacle.

When the social pressure to perform is removed, I am comfortable with my listener and the importance of what I’m saying is kept under control there is no reaction; therefore no fear, no pressure and no stammer. A way to achieve this non-reaction is to believe you don’t have to get it right first time.

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