Thursday, 19 September 2013

Genetic identity

There are at least two aspects to having a genetic disease. The first is mutations (which are present in genes and disrupt some function of the body) are random, non-conscious events that are part of your thrownness (i.e. the state in which you exist); they can occur before you were born or during your lifetime. Nobody (including yourself) is responsible for the mutation, it just is.

The non-conscious origin for mutations implies that the mutation is beyond your control, all pervasive and you are locked within its walls.

This brings the second aspect of genetic disease to mind. Many other genes have worked (and continue to work) to build and maintain a brain and a body capable of consciousness, free will and the ability to choose. Living with a mutation does not mean being the mutation; your other 30,000 genes create space for you to choose a reaction and be alongside the mutation and what befalls you in life. This is your true genetic identity...

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