Friday, 4 January 2013

Waiting for a diagnosis

Once upon a time, our hero Jonny was skipping along the road when he bumped into a Doctor. The Doctor said, “You might have Parkinson’s disease!” Jonny was very confused. He tried skipping away but couldn’t. “Tests!” exclaimed the Doctor. “Yes! Tests are the thing wherein I’ll catch the conscience of the…” said the Doctor, who turned into Sherlock Holmes and went on his way. Jonny shouted, “MIGHT?! You said might!! Do I or don’t I?”

Jonny suddenly found himself at a fork in the road. On the left he could see life as it had been before and the future he imagined he would have. On the right he saw a pot holed road leading into a dark, tangled forest. Jonny stood as if made of stone. He waited…

Then one day the Doctor reappeared. Jonny looked at him, “Which road?!” he pleaded. In reply, the Doctor gently took Jonny by the hand and led our hero down the road towards the Parkinson’s forest. The Doctor was saying something as they walked but Jonny couldn’t hear, there was silence in his life and, for now, it was deafening… 

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