Friday, 29 March 2013

Stick Man

It was time to trade in my grey NHS walking stick for something better. So I called on the finest craftsman of walking sticks in the land, Stick Man of Helmsley, to provide me with an upgrade. His shop is also his workshop and has the smell of wood dust and craftsmanship. I spotted a slender walking stick with a moulded handle that fitted oh so comfortably in my left hand when I tried it. This was no walking stick; this was a gentleman’s cane. Having always hankered after being called “sir”, I purchased said cane for the reasonable sum of twenty six English pounds.

Now, when I use my cane I feel like I have to dress up to its standard; tuxedo, top hat, monocle, polished shoes. I feel like Fred Astaire, although I’m not sure I could keep up with Ginger Rodgers!

1 comment:

  1. You look very statesman-like with your gentleman's cane. I particularly like your picture in the newspaper. James said you look like House.