Saturday, 27 July 2013

Choice without a choice

"And the Oscar goes to..."

The prognosis of Parkinson's presents you with a dilemma: go and collect your Oscar but on the way up the stairs you will trip over again and again so you end up never reaching the podium. Or stay in your seat and watch the chance of winning an Oscar fade over time.

Treatment for Parkinson's, with all its side-effects, is seeing the hope of one day reaching the podium and reclaiming your life back; while at the same time watching your body inevitably get further from your grasp. One half of the coin makes you aware of the other half. The memories of better movement and the gap between then and now makes treatment a choice without a choice. You want to live with the opportunities the Oscar brings so you keep on trying to climb those stairs...

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  1. Very thoughtfully written Jonathan. The dilemma is everything.