Sunday, 21 July 2013

Mental to physical and back again

She holds the violin with a graceful lightness that belies the violin's physical presence. The bow moves and her fingers press on the strings and what emerges is an expression of the emotional content of her being. Somehow her mind translates itself into the movement of her hands and arms; the violin, in its response, retains yet transforms the logic of thought into the physical presence of sound. I capture these sounds; and their physicality, in turn, plays the strings of my mind to generate thought. In essence, her mind, via these physical intermediaries, is reaching into my mind and playing it like an instrument.

In contrast, Parkinson's attacks the first step in this process, the "somehow" that translates conscious will into bodily action; its deleterious effect cascades throughout until Parkinson’s plays a song, dissonant in nature, in the other person's head unlike the one I intended. So I reach out but fail to go beyond myself.

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