Sunday, 7 July 2013

Parkinson's hole or whole?

The English language is wonderfully complex and ambiguous. For example, "hole" and "whole" sound the same but one has a fullness to it and the other an emptiness to it. Which spelling fits Parkinson's best? Is Parkinson's a hole you fall into? Is it the whole of you? Or does Parkinson’s help you fall into the whole of you?

Prior to diagnosis I had Parkinson’s; I just didn’t know it. If prior to diagnosis I could be me then after diagnosis I can still be me; nothing has changed except awareness of Parkinson’s. If you choose it, Parkinson’s can point you to the importance of living moment to moment because that is what we do anyway. We don’t live for the past or the future; we live in the moment and for actualities in all their complexities and ambiguities.

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