Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Depression Missile Crisis

It comes through on the wire; depression has installed its most advanced weapons on an island close to your shore. An emergency meeting is called and the atmosphere is thick with fear and confusion. Options are thrown on the table; engage the enemy and bomb the island but that risks escalating the situation; the threat is also not contained by doing nothing and assuming the situation will resolve itself; someone even said bomb ourselves…Nothing is decided.

As more and more bombs are delivered to the island and readied for launch a series of provocative military manoeuvres takes place. Tension increases as a few skirmishes break out. Direct communication with the island closes down. Missile launch is imminent.

You sit in your oval office, thinking about the depressive missiles over and over again. You feel trapped. What am I to do? Then, with courage and determination you call somebody into the oval office. You say with a trembling voice, “I think I might be depressed”. The person replies, “OK, don’t worry we will sort it together! We need to open up a dialogue with the island. The missiles don’t have to be there forever. Now you’ve told me, we’ll sort it out…”

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