Sunday, 4 August 2013

Blind for 28 years

I learnt to see 28 years after opening my eyes...

During those years my voice belonged to my stammer. The deafening explosion and shell shock of a stammering block sent me running from myself until I could no longer locate my voice and I lost myself; I became my stammer.

I picked up the trail of my lost self by learning to hear beyond my stammer to the fluent parts of my speech; this helped me see myself (I am fluent when I think) within my voice and alongside my stammer. I did this by stretching the first sound of the word beyond the stammering block and then linking onto the rest of the sentence (sort of beating the stammer at its own game). It was a revelation! The ringing stopped in my ears and I could hear my voice! I could hear me!

This has helped me to find peace from self-hatred, understand my thrownness (my stammer is an acceptable part of me) and see my not-yet: I am free to be me in my potential and not my limitations.

Thank you Dr David Ward for helping me find my voice.

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