Thursday, 15 August 2013

Fall to climb higher

Your fingers grip the bare rock and you strain every muscle to pull yourself up onto surer footing. Exhausted, you wipe the sweat from your forehead and catch your breath. Looking up you see a shear rock face extending thousands of feet in the air. Doubt fills every cell of your body. You mutter to yourself, "I can't do it..." You reject your ability to cope with the climb and in doing so you reject yourself; letting go of the rock you fall two feet onto the ground. You look up again, "What if I fell from way up there?"

But you hurt yourself more by falling only a few feet rather than trying to climb and then falling a hundred feet. This is because, emotionally, you learn how best to fall as you get used to greater heights; you fall and roll, use safety mats, ropes and eventually a parachute. Rejecting your ability to cope at higher altitudes risks inaction and loneliness. 

Risk falling as a means to climb higher!

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