Tuesday, 20 August 2013

To be me

To be a bee, flying parki free
To be a tree, letting the bee come to thee
To be thee, living a life care free
To be me, to careless see

To pay a fee, is to live in the sea
To be given a key, unlocking what’s me
Please let me be, more or less than thee
Bless me, with nothing but tea

To be a kid, and want nothing of me
To be rid, of all that is hid
To lift the lid, so we can bid
On a big life, with no trace of id

To live a future, is a wingless will
To be present, is a present skill
To be past, is living all still
To be anywhere, means paying the bill

Nothing is free, except you and me
To settle for more, is an unpaid whore
To live without love, is scraping a sore
To live with love, is a touch you adore

Pain is worse, if you are cursed
To be bound in chains, until you durst
Do more than you will, then you fill
Your whole life, with all but ill

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