Monday, 26 August 2013

The best of people

It was an overcast day yet 200 people were warming up ready for the challenge of a 5K run, each person raising money for charity. My friends Gabrielle and Clare (and Clare’s dog Eddie!) were there apprehensively stretching their muscles. After months of grueling training they were ready (well, almost!), like the other 198 runners, for the charity fun run.

Gabrielle and Clare, in their first ever serious race, were raising money for Parkinson's UK. They had sacrificed many hours and many sore limbs to understand the price of Parkinson’s; I describe it as “1 for the price of 10”. They found running one step was the equivalent to the effort of running 10 steps for most people. I find Parkinson’s exacts a similar deficit onto me. As well as understanding Parkinson’s they also raised over £2000 to help find a cure so no one has to pay the price of this devastating disease.

All the runners gathered at the start and nervously waited. The countdown started and they were off. They disappeared into the circular course and we (lazily) sat down awaiting their arrival back where they started. We speculated on a good time and settled on 40 minutes. After 21 minutes the leader of the race finished. Then just 6 minutes later we spotted Gabrielle arriving at the finish and we cheered when she crossed the line. Then Clare (plus Eddie!) appeared in the distance and we cheered again as she crossed the line in just the 33rd minute. Both a magnificent effort!

Every step Gabrielle and Clare took in training and during the race the brighter they shone hope into the lives of those affected by Parkinson's. The further they ran the closer they brought a Parkinson's cure to us all.

I am deeply touched, proud and in awe of their effort and achievement...

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