Saturday, 10 August 2013

Cake or biscuits?

The dappled sunshine of a clear blue dawn fills the new day and illuminates the cake stall I'm busy setting up. I've been making these delightful circles of goodness all my life: there's caring chocolate cake, intelligent macaroons, dry sense of humour cheesecake, understanding and helpful scones, good listener quiche, loving meringue pie. On one corner of the table I carefully arrange Parkinson's disease and stammering biscuits.

I scatter amongst the cakes many books on Science, Films, Philosophy, Art and the Beauty and challenge of life.

My stall is finally ready...

"Ladies and Gentlemen, step right up and take a look at the biscuits I have to offer; bitter, chalky, sour and they stick in your throat. Forget the cake, focus on the Parkinson's and stammer; look, these biscuits are burnt and crumble in your hands. They're really expensive because the suppliers force me to buy them. No, not the cake, the biscuits, the biscuits!"

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