Monday, 19 August 2013

Go round

Do you remember as a child wanting desperately to have a go on the merry go round? When you first got on you were so excited you waved enthusiastically to your parents each time you passed them on your way round. This is so much fun!! But maybe after the sixth pass the waves became less enthusiastic and as the journey continued they finally stopped. You got bored and the circular motion became annoying. The ride eventually ended. You jumped off and enthusiastically asked, "what’s next?!"

Being diagnosed and having to live with Parkinson's is like being dumped on a merry go round; the first few goes round are terrifying and very disorienting. However, after a while the Parkinson's ride becomes crushingly dull and repetitive; every time you move you face the disease, every day you confront the same limitations and basic challenges of living a meaningful life alongside Parkinson's. Round and round you go! It can become very boring. This is a journey for the rest of your life; you want to get off but you don't want to know what's next...

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