Tuesday, 13 August 2013

That warm feeling

Out of the array of symptoms on the Parkinson’s buffet table, one of the most distressing is urinary incontinence: yep, that's right, the almost constant feeling of being on the edge of wetting myself, pissing my pants, warming myself on a cold day; the panic of feeling urine escaping from my bladder and dribbling down my penis.

Bladder control has a huge psychological component because it is one of the first bits of our bodies we learn to control as young children; losing control stirs old feelings of uninhibited shame. Because of the vivid connection to early childhood it pushes the thought, "Has my Parkinson’s caused me to regress this much?!" 

This is one of the many indignities of Parkinson's.

O, you will have to excuse me; I've felt another dribble...!

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