Friday, 24 May 2013

Help is a hindrance

One of the most frustrating aspects of Parkinson's is the lack of clarity in the way it presents itself and what I can do about it; each beneficial thing I do has an adverse reaction. For example, medication helps to free up my body but also makes me fall asleep meaning I’m not conscious to benefit from the effect; being active is helpful but it quickly depletes my energy, making it harder to be active next time; taking rests excludes me from others. I long for some stability and a break in the storm so I can work out where I stand…

Parkinson’s is contradictory, unpredictable and constantly shifting.

A portrait of Parkinson’s:

The benefit is a cost

the sun is a cloud

comfort is uncomfortable
eating makes you hungry

a celebration of disappointment                       

                                    the applause is silence,

the page I‘m reading is blank

the music is played silently

pictures on a TV that is turned off

the water is dry

 a black light bulb

the help is a hindrance

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