Thursday, 2 May 2013


We had been sailing on the oceans for years, looking for land and somewhere to build a new home. The ship was crowded with passengers and crew hoping for a new start. Then it happened; a thin line of green appeared on the horizon, “Land ahoy!” and everyone rushed to see. We sailed closer and the green line resolved into a vast coastline. All on board cheered with joy and relief!

It was decided to send a small group ashore to set up a camp; I was one of these initial settlers. The land was strange, but full of delicious and abundant fruit and after years on board ship we gorged ourselves. Then we made a clearing in the forest and set up camp. On the second day we met the native people of this land; strangely, they ignored us as if we had never arrived.

Over the next few years we vastly expanded the camp, cutting down more of the forest for housing and fuel, and rapidly moved inland. As we claimed the land as our own we displaced the natives from their homes and devoured the natural resources.

We had established a firm foothold and a thriving community before the natives reacted; but, by then, it was too late, our invasion was inevitable.

And, to think, all this came from one ship; the name of that ship…Parkinson’s.

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