Monday, 14 October 2013

Complete works

Imagine it is the first day at school and at the very first registration we are handed a book. The book is entitled “Complete Works” and contains everything we will do and all our achievements in life, every word we will ever write, from shopping list to school essays, every exam we ever take, every picture we draw, every photo we take, perhaps even a book we will write or songs we compose. It is all laid out for us; the journey we take in life; all achievements achieved; this is what we are and will be; a journey already travelled for us.

Also, imagine we had no free will and we had to follow the path as dictated by our “Complete Works”. Would it be a fulfilling journey? Would it be a journey at all?

I am coming to the realisation that our goals in life have less value than the journey that gets us there. The journey we embark on, the failures, the happiness, the difficulty, the contentment, the pain, the love, the diseases and our health share equal credit for moulding the person we are. Take away the journey; be given our “Complete Works” before we start and the achievement becomes nothing: we are not given a chance to learn and become. That’s the true value of the journey; we can make mistakes, learn our lessons and choose what to do next.

Achieving our goals teaches us what we already know. The journey, however, teaches us what we do not know…

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