Sunday, 13 October 2013

Parkinson’s cold calls


The telephone is ringing. Your Mind shouts out in frustration “I’m trying to have my dinner!” Your body gets up to answer it, “Oh, its Parkinson’s yet again…yes…a tremor on the way…does it have to be now?…ok I’ll tell Mind…”

Living with the daily challenges of Parkinson’s is like overhearing your body talking to Parkinson’s on the telephone but you only hear your body's
side of the conversation. You try to extrapolate what Parkinson’s is saying through the reaction of your body and how it negotiates with Parkinson’s. Sometimes your body is reverential to what is demanded of it and surrenders to the symptoms. Other times it is defiant. As you overhear this it is your job to persuade yourself that the edicts of Parkinson’s are not set in stone; your body has to listen to them but your mind can interpret what they mean, mould them like clay into any shape you like. Once this is acknowledged you can then tell your body what you want it to do. Again, sometimes it is reverential and other times it is defiant. But, at least you are influencing your body again.

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