Thursday, 10 October 2013

Diplomatic immunity

Sometimes its great being an adult; true, you have to be responsible, look after yourself and a significant other, be a good member of society, get married, deal with diseases such as Parkinson’s, look after children, work in a job you don’t enjoy… But sometimes its worthwhile going through those teenage years: Exhibit A, you ask?

I’ve just made three banana and chocolate chip American pancakes, smothered them in Cadbury’s chocolate Philadelphia spread and placed a scoop of double chocolate ice cream on top…and had them for my dinner. That’s right, a dessert instead of a main savoury meal. Every kids dream dinner! And I have diplomatic Adult immunity from prosecution; nobody can tell me off for stuffing my face with such sweet deliciousness!

This is the pivot that my Parkinson’s attacks so effectively. It takes away my ability to do spontaneous things like having sweet instead of savoury or jumping in a car and travelling to London just because I can. It doesn’t take away the idea or impulse to do these things but devastatingly will eventually simply remove the link between my conscious will and my ability to accomplish such things; my pancake making days will be over. This is the cruelty of Parkinson’s; you gradually give up the privileges of being a functioning adult and you have to hand back your diplomatic Adult immunity.

There is a problem I suppose with being an adult; eating all that food has given me a belly ache and when I say, “My tummy hurts,” no one is going to listen to me! Sometimes its rubbish being an adult!

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