Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Row of black eyes

“I feel ill, I’m going back to bed.” I drag myself to my bedroom and upon opening the door I see a huge spider scuttling around on my bed. It must be a metre wide. The spider hears me, stops its scuttling and turns to face me. It’s row of black eyes look at me intently and as it nervously moves its legs says: “Sorry, there’s no respite for you, nowhere for you to go to get away from Parkinson’s. I am always going to be there, crawling over your body and through your mind, spinning my sticky, silken webs to ensnare you.”

I turn away and leave the bedroom but I hear behind me the scuttling of legs and then the feeling of those legs on my back. I momentarily stop walking. “Hello again…” I continue on my way…

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