Monday, 4 November 2013

Acceptance III

I had been trailing him for years, but I could never catch up with him. I came close a few times but he always evaded my grasp.

Then, I caught a glimpse of him hurrying into a crowded train station. I quickly followed and was immediately swept along with the noisy crowd. Parkinson's symptoms were everywhere. I became distracted and lost sight of him. Then the diagnosis grabbed me and pulled me to the floor. As I was scrambling to my feet I realised I needed to see the crowd from the footbridge overhead if I was to find him. I made my way up the stairs and finally looked over the railing of the footbridge. The crowd was a seething mass of symptoms rushing here and there.

I thought if only the crowd would stand still I could see the movement of the one I was chasing, like a moving needle in a frozen haystack. Up on the footbridge I took the medication that was given to me and I slowly learnt to come to terms with my diagnosis by seeing that I remained intact within Parkinson’s; I could still be me.

I eventually noticed that the crowd of symptoms had gradually slowed down and were more subdued. Then, I spotted him rushing towards a shop. I called out to him; he stopped and slowly turned to face me. He looked confused but relieved. I recognised him and the crowd stopped. He was me; the part of me I had refused to accept for years. I hesitated then ran down the stairs…

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