Thursday, 14 November 2013

You can say that again

Inspired by the Two Ronnies; original sketch written by Gerald Wiley (search for “You can say that again, Two Ronnies” on YouTube)

Charlie meets Bert in a pub.

Bert: O hello Charlie!

Charlie: Hello Bert! How’s things?

B: They’re well Charlie... I heard you’ve got the old Parkinson’s. What’s that then?

C: Yeah, Bert, diagnosed last week. Put a downer on that day, believe me. Parkinson’s, well its, er, its…

B: A pain in the foot? A pain in the backside? Makes you want to interview famous people?

C: No! It’s a neurological condition!

B: O I see.

C: These cells in my brain are dying, see? And these tiny cells, they are what control my movement.

B: O I see! Sorry to hear that Charlie… And where did you get this disease thing from then?

C: I, er, let me see, I, er…

B: Got it at the supermarket? Got it for Christmas? Got rid of it already?

C: No! I don’t think I got it from anywhere. I’m trying to, er, trying to…

B: Think it over? Think it through? Not think about it?

C: Remember what the Doctor said! He said some genes are involved but they mostly don’t know. Strangest thing not knowing what, er, what, er…

B: Time it is? What you’re having for tea? What is beyond the edge of the universe?

C: No! What caused it! If I knew that, then I could've avoided it. There are things to, er, things to, er…

B: Say at a time like this? Avoid at all costs? Things to do?

C: Yes! Things to do! Like take medicine and do exercise. And think positive like. That kind of thing!

B: Does that include having a pint of the good stuff? What’ll be?

C: I’ll have, er, I’ll have, er…

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