Tuesday, 19 November 2013

This is what a Godless world looks like

I saw proof today there is no God. I attended a scientific presentation on childhood Parkinson's disease. The speaker, a clinician, showed us videos of the symptoms. There were young children in the end stage of Parkinson's, unable to move; locked inside their tiny bodies. It upset me greatly. Especially since they were 'cognitively spared'; their minds were intact. It shatters my heart into a billion pieces to think what those children thought. I weep a thunderstorm of tears at the sheer, disgusting cruelty of such suffering.

There is no God. At all.

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  1. First of all, I love this blog and your amazing perspective and honesty.

    Second: that sounds awful.

    For what it's worth--this isn't exactly the same as being locked in by Parkinson's, but in The Reasons I Jump, a 13 year old with autism named Ido Kellen talks about being locked into a body that can't move or speak according to his will. He was unable to communicate and desperately wanted to. Until he could write, those around him thought he was cognitively impaired and couldn't do much of anything. All of this sounds unbearable. And yet, you get the sense that he's now at least somewhat content with his life. For him, the worst part wasn't being locked in, it was that no one outside knew he was in there. At least the people around these children know they're still there. That's a very long-winded way of saying, maybe there's some hope for these children?

    Of course, it's not exactly the same because Ido was always locked in, whereas maybe these children could remember a time when they could move. I don't know. The one thing I've learned from listening to people with disabilities is it's hard to tell from the outside how good or bad their life is, and doctors often underestimate their happiness so...I'm clinging to hope that these children's lives are happier than they seem to us.