Saturday, 2 November 2013

The possibility is suddenly made possible

I was settling into my new cabin in the mountains, arranging my books neatly on shelves when I heard a distant rumbling sound. As I continued to neatly place my books in alphabetised rows, the rumbling grew into a deafening roar and suddenly I was lifted in the air and spun around by the force of the Parkinson’s avalanche that crashed into the cabin. I blacked out and the next thing I knew I awoke in an air pocket beneath the snow. My body was broken and in pain. The snow above me creaked and threatened to give way but held. Luckily, I had landed in a seated position with a torch in my hand. I switched on the torch and sent the beam of light around the walls of the air pocket. The Parkinson’s snow gleamed in the light and I stared at its oppressive whiteness. Suddenly the snow began to move towards me, devouring the space around my body. As the cold snow pressed into me my mind started to fill with Parkinson’s until whiteness was I could see and think about. As I let out a scream the snow filled my mouth...

…I blinked and my eyes focused on the white walls of the Doctors office. My consultant was saying something to me, “...might have Parkinson’s, you are showing all the signs of having the disease but we need to do some tests…”

His voice turned into a distant rumbling sound as I sat defenceless in my cabin again…

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