Sunday, 24 November 2013

Playing the Parkinson's card

When you are diagnosed you are forced to move from the life you inhabited to a Parkinson's apartment. On arrival, you are greeted by a welcome pack containing bits and pieces you might find useful as you settle into the rest of your life. There's an endless supply of sleepless nights, frustration and self-fulfilling anger, fear and uncertainty...

At the bottom of the box is your Parkinson's card. It's your proof of membership to this most exclusive of clubs. When you are struggling with something because of your symptoms you can "play the Parki card" to let others know to help you. Of course, and in no way do I condone this utterly unethical behaviour, you can play the Parki card at anytime; when you do something wrong; when there's washing up to do; or you simply want a rest. I must say I have yet to test out the unethical use of the Parki card but such a possibility shows we still have choice within this disease!

And, yes, I know the story of the boy who cried wolf...!

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