Friday, 22 November 2013

Where does it hurt?

We have the ability to point to where it hurts in our bodies and let others know we are in pain. Such self-awareness is one the wonders of the universe!

Yet, ask me where my Parkinson's hurts and I can't point anywhere. Parkinson's is in me. It surrounds me and confines me; it seems to be everywhere. It's like I'm on stage and the lighting, sound effects and cues that determine the necessary context of the play are controlled by Parkinson's; but we are working from different scripts. Therefore, the things I do and my intentions are mismatched to the plans Parkinson's has.

Where does Parkinson's hurt? My head? My heart? I think it hurts my emotions. Before I was diagnosed I still had Parkinson's but my emotions weren't burdened by the knowledge of the prognosis. Parkinson's hurts now because if feels like I am not in control of the context of my life. Parkinson's is a burden because it impacts me emotionally. 

However, emotions can be healed by thinking. Try it. Look into the current state of your emotions. Think the opposite; do you feel different? You may not believe it (thinking doesn't change the fact I have Parkinson's) but the thing you are doing at this moment, thinking, is incredibly powerful in dealing with any emotional pain. We can change the world through changing our emotional reaction to the world. That is how we can heal the hurt of Parkinson's...

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